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     The Rhode Island Press Association is proud to host an annual Editorial Awards competiton among our member organizations where reporters, editors, photographers and designers compete to be the state's best. Each year, we receive more than 400 submissions in a number of categories covering every aspect of journalism in the state, from writing and photography to design and distinction.

     In addition, our competition asks member organizations to nominate a staff member for our prestigious individual award categories: Distinguished Journalist, Notable New Journalist of the year and Photographer of the Year.

     Our competition also highlights the work our member organizations do outside of the newsroom with the annual Community Outreach Award. This award recognizes the outstanding work member organizations have done outside of the printed page to benefit or engage the community that they serve. The winning organization is honored at the end of the night with a check for $500 made out to the charity of its choice.

     Our award winners include the best and brightest journalists in Rhode Island and highlight some of the best work done in the industry in any given year. 


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