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2012 Rhode Island Press Association Contest Winners

(Results for the 2011 Rhode Island Press Association Editorial Award Competition. Presented on May 4, 2012)

News Story (Short)

First Place: Donita Naylor, The Providence Journal

Second Place: Tatiana Pina, The Providence Journal
Third Place: Josh Bickford, The Barrington Times

News Story (In Depth)
First Place: Tom Mooney, The Providence Journal
Second Place: Barry Fain, Steve Triedman, East Side Monthly
Third Place: Lynn Arditi, The Providence Journal

Spot News Story
First Place: Alisha A. Pina, Mike Stanton, John E. Mulligan, The Providence Journal
Second Place: Tracy Breton, The Providence Journal
Third Place: Bruce Burdett, The Sakonnet Times

Investigative/Analytical News Story or Series
First Place: Staff, The Providence Journal

Second Place: Liz Boardman, Iain Wilson, The South County Independent
Third Place: W. Zachary Malinowski, The Providence Journal


Business Story
First Place: Dan McGowan, Providence Monthly
Second Place: Jim Ignasher, Your Smithfield Magazine
Third Place: W. Zachary Malinowski, The Providence Journal

Education Story
First Place: Elizabeth Rau, Rhode Island Monthly
Second Place: Jon Baker, The Pawtucket Times

Third Place: Jennifer D. Jordan, The Providence Journal

Honorable Mention: Lind Borg, The Providence Journal

Religion & Spirituality Story
First Place: Richard C. Dujardin, The Providence Journal

Second Place: Laurence J. Sasso Jr., Your Smithfield Magazine

Third Place: Nancy Kirsch, The Jewish Voice & Herald


Reporting on the Environment
First Place: Richard Salit, The Providence Journal

Second Place: Michael P. McKinney, The Providence Journal
Third Place: Jim McGaw, The Barrington Times


Science/Health Care Story
First Place: Felice J. Freyer, The Providence Journal
Second Place: Rick Massimo, The Providence Journal
Third Place: Katie Mulvaney, The Providence Journal

Profile/Personality Story
First Place: Pippa Jack, Rhode Island Monthly
Second Place: James J. Gillis, The Newport Daily News
Third Place: Martha Smith, The North Kingstown Standard-Times

Feature Story (Short)
First Place: James P. Jones, East Side Monthly

Second Place: Kate Miosky, Newport Life Magazine

Third Place: Jill Rodrigues, The Bristol Phoenix

Feature Story (In-Depth)
First Place: Alyssa Giacobbe, Rhode Island Monthly
Second Place: John Larrabee, Rhode Island Monthly
Third Place: Tracy Breton, The Providence Journal


Arts Review or Criticism

First Place: Bill Van Siclen, The Providence Journal

Second Place: Doug Norris, The South County Independent

Third Place: Rick Massimo, The Providence Journal


Arts or Entertainment Story

First Place: Harry Anderson, Your Smithfield Magazine

Second Place: John Taraborelli, Julie Tremaine, Providence Monthly

Third Place: Elizabeth Rau, Rhode Island Monthly

Food & Dining Story
First Place: John Taraborelli, Julie Tremaine, Providence Monthly
Second Place: Karen Deutsch, Rhode Island Monthly
Third Place: Linda Beaulieu, SO Rhode Island

Unique/Most Unexpected Story
First Place: Julie Tremaine, Providence Monthly

Second Place: Ann Hood, Rhode Island Monthly

Third Place: Ged Carbone, Rhode Island Monthly
Honorable Mention: Russ Olivo, The Woonsocket Call
Honorable Mention: Eric Rueb, The North Kingstown Standard Times

Honorable Mention: Dick Martin, Your Smithfield Magazine


Sports Story

First Place: Meg Fraser, The Cranston Herald

Second Place: Eric Rueb, The North Kingston Standard Times

Third Place: Kevin Pomeroy, The Warwick Beacon

Sports Feature Story
First Place: Kevin McNamara, The Providence Journal

Second Place: Bob Wyss, Rhode Island Monthly
Third Place: Paul Kenyon, The Providence Journal


Sports Columnist

First Place: Bill Reynolds, The Providence Journal

Second Place: Jim Donaldson, The Providence Journal

Third Place: John Gillooly, The Providence Journal

First Place: Mark Patinkin, The Providence Journal

Second Place: Edward Fitzpatrick, The Providence Journal
Third Place: John Taraborelli, Providence Monthly

General News Photo
First Place: Ernest A. Brown, The Woonsocket Call
Second Place: Butch Adams, The Pawtucket Times
Third Place: Butch Adams, The Pawtucket Times

Spot News Photo
First Place: David Hansen, The Newport Daily News

Second Place: Andrew Dickerman, The Providence Journal

Third Place: Frieda Squires, The Providence Journal


Feature Photo
First Place: David Hansen, The Newport Daily News

Second Place: Sandor Bodo, The Providence Journal

Third Place: Jacqueline Marque, The Newport Daily News


Personality Photo/Portrait
First Place: John Freidah, The Providence Journal

Second Place: Ron Cowie, Rhode Island Monthly

Third Place: Patrick O'Connor, Rhode Island Monthly


Sports Photo

First Place: Richard W. Dionne Jr., The Barrington Times

Second Place: James P. Jones, The Bay

Third Place: Bob Thayer, The Providence Journal


Photo Series/Picture Story

First Place: Staff, The Providence Journal

Second Place: Sandy Nesbitt, Dean Welshman, Rhode Island Monthly

Third Place: Nat Rea, Dean Welshman, Rhode Island Monthly


Headline Writing
First Place: Harvey Peters, The Newport Daily News

Second Place: Mike Mello, Justin Sayles, The Providence Business News

Third Place: Peter Donahue, The Providence Journal


Special Section

First Place: Staff; Lisa Newby, designer, The Providence Journal

Second Place: William Geoghegan, Kevin Pomeroy, The Warwick Beacon

Third Place: Staff, Providence Monthly

Third Place: Staff, Rhode Island Monthly

Third Place: Staff, Providence Business News


Best Newspaper Front Page

First Place: Lisa Newby, The Providence Journal

Second Place: Jon Zins, The Newport Daily News

Third Place: Babette Augustin, The Providence Journal


Best Cover
First Place: Dean Welshman, Sandy Nesbitt, Rhode Island Monthly

Second Place: Jim Draper, Pete Cardoso, PM Art Department, Providence Monthly

Third Place: Tina Strasburg, Nat Rea, Rhode Island Monthly


Best Feature Front Page
First Place: Kris Craig, Gunnar Johnson, The Providence Journal

Second Place: Stacy Doyle, Providence Monthly

Third Place: Harvey Peters, The Newport Daily News


Best Sports Front Page
First Place: Ray Capobianco, Glenn Osmundson, The Providence Journal

Second Place: Mike Foran, Bob Breidenbach, The Providence Journal

Third Place: James Bessette, The Chariho Times

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