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Congrats to our 2015 Editorial Awards winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Rhode Island Press Association Editorial Contest.

Below are the finalists in the various categories. These results do not reveal placement in each category. The winners of first place, second place, third place and honorable mention will be announced at the banquet on April 29.

Linda Levin sent out banquet info on Monday. The cost is $40 per person for appetizers and dinner. Cash bar. Reservations are required by Wednesday, April 20.

REMINDER: We need tearsheets of the winning entries to display on bulletin boards at the banquet. Please email me to make arrangements to provide those tearsheets:

Tearsheets can be dropped off in 3 locations:

-- The Providence Journal / Attn: Alan Rosenberg

-- The Newport Daily News / Attn: Paul Spetrini

-- The Warwick Beacon / Attn: John Howell

NOTE: Please alert me to any misspellings of names or publications by April 13.


Best cover: Meghan H. Follett, The Bay, January cover; Meghan H. Follett, SO Rhode Island, October cover; Staff, South County Life, Get Outside; Doreen Chisnell, Rhode Island Monthly, Engaged

Best feature front page: Meghan H. Follett, The Bay, Cocktails 101; Anne Ewing and Tracie Seed, Newport Life magazine, Best of Newport County; Meghan H. Follett, Providence Monthly, The All American Guide to the Flavor; Carolyn Marsden, Rhode Island Monthly, Gal About Town

Best sports front page (Only 2 winners): William Geoghegan, The Independent; Seth Bromley, Woonsocket Call

Best newspaper front page: Lisa Lagreca, Providence Business News, New governor. New plan. Different result?; Staff, The Providence Journal, Race in RI, The color of Justice; Staff, The Providence Journal, One gun's deadly path; Staff, The Providence Journal, Standing Tall: R.I. pioneers ocean energy


Feature photo: Richard W Dionne Jr, East Bay newspapers, Class warfare; Ernest A. Brown, Woonsocket Call, Crossing over; Richard W Dionne Jr, East Bay newspapers, Alvimedica bids farewell; Harold Hanka, The Westerly Sun, Flight of the Heron

General news photo: Harold Hanka, The Westerly Sun, Chariho prepares for the worst; David Delpoio, The Providence Journal, St. Landing; Richard W Dionne Jr, East Bay newspapers, Safe but not sound; Michael Derr, The Independent, Come together

Spot news photo: John Howell, Beacon Communications, Eerie scene; Harold Hanka, The Westerly Sun, Going the Hard Way; Bob Thayer, The Providence Journal, Supreme react

Personality photo or portrait: Kris Craig, The Providence Journal, Spiderman; Michael Derr, East Bay newspapers, The sounds of a century; Bob Thayer, The Providence Journal, Little Lamb

Sports photo: Richard W Dionne Jr,, East Bay Newspapers, Sacked; Bob Breidenbach, The Providence Journal, Super Bowl Joy; Richard W Dionne Jr., East Bay Newspapers,Return of the “Beast”

Photo series / picture story: Michael Cevoli, The Bay, The Ocean Deep; Hilary Block, SO Rhode Island, The Art of Food; Jason Evans, Rhode Island Monthly, Horsing Around in the Sunshine; Ryan T. Conaty, Rhode Island Monthly, Overnight in the E.D.


News story (short): Barry Fain, East Side Monthly, Brown to Ban Alcohol at On-Campus Spring Parties; Tom Mooney, The Providence Journal, Fox actions uncovered almost by accident; Karen Lee Ziner, The Providence Journal, Survivor steps from the Shadows

News story (in depth): Ted Hayes, East Bay Newspapers, "She stole her life"; Tom Mooney, The Providence Journal, Both sides of the law; Amanda Milkovits, The Providence Journal, Pressure leads to closure of local 'spas'; Tony Pacitti, East Side Monthly, The Bigger Picture

Spot news story: Matt Sheley, The Newport Daily News, “I choked her; she’s dead”; Staff, The Providence Journal, Pawson Stadium proposal; Russ Olivo, Woonsocket Call, Building manager saves residents; Staff, The Providence Journal, The secret start to state's 38 Studios loan deal

Business story: Grace Lentini, SO Rhode Island, Living Greener; Eli Sherman, Providence Business News, Back from the brink; Mary MacDonald, Providence Business News, City no field of dreams for developers; Kate Groetzinger, Rhode Island Monthly, Soil Sisters

Education story: Alisha A. Pina, The Providence Journal,,Life-altering decisions;Linda Borg, Patrick Anderson and Paul Edward Parker, The Providence Journal, Separate and Unequal; Patricia Daddona, Providence Business News, Missing job-training link?; Lynn Arditi, The Providence Journal, RI’s cut-rate professors

Investigative / analytical news story: Dale P. Faulkner, The Westerly Sun, Many conflicts seen in town solicitor’s service; Tom Mooney, The Providence Journal, Fire Empires; Alisha A. Pina, The Providence Journal, The N-Word: Language unites, divides

Single-topic series: Dale P. Faulkner, The Westerly Sun, Conflicts of interest; Staff, The Providence Journal, Race in RI; Amanda Milkovits and Timothy C. Barmann, The Providence Journal,Tracing guns; G. Wayne Miller, The Providence Journal, The deteriorating state of mental health care in R.I.

Religion and spirituality story: Joseph Fitzgerald, Woonsocket Call, Holy Scene: Whether he’s a ‘maverick’ or ‘a man of the times,’ this Pope gets people talking; Katie Mulvaney, The Providence Journal,A duel over who owns Touro Synagogue; James Bessette, The Independent, Clergy abuse inquiry reopens painful wounds

Reporting on the environment: Paul Bubluski, Mercury, Wings and Prayers; Alex Kuffner, The Providence Journal, Deepwater Wind: R.I. pioneers ocean energy; Jamie Coelho, Rhode Island Monthly, The World is Their Oyster; Tom Mooney, The Providence Journal, Where have the ice smelt gone?

Science / health care story: Tracie Seed, Newport Life Magazine, Toke of the Town; Eli Sherman, Providence Business News, Reshaping health care?, Lynn Arditi, The Providence Journal, Heroin’s terrible toll; Jen McCaffery, Rhode Island Monthly, Sex Matters

Profile / personality story: John Taraborelli and Julie Tremaine, Providence Monthly, The Superlatives Club; Philip Eil, Rhode Island Monthly, The Max Factor; Tom Mooney, The Providence Journal, Raimondo’s rise; John Larrabee and Russ Olivo, Rhode Island Monthly, Hey everyone, it's Audrey here!

News / features columnist: Donita Naylor, The Providence Journal; Mark Patinkin, The Providence Journal; Lawrence J. Sasso Jr., The Smithfield Times; Edward Fitzpatrick, The Providence Journal;

Feature story (short): Joseph B. Nadeau, Woonsocket Call, D-Day veteran keeping friends' memories alive; Olga Enger, Newport This Week, Girls of the Road-Newport's Female Pedicab Drivers; Jenna Pelletier, The Providence Journal, RI couple hope to revolutionize dog rescues

Feature story (in-depth): Mike Freeman, Newport Life magazine, The Invisibles; Casey Nilsson, Rhode Island Monthly, The Tyranny of Low Expectations; Rebecca Remillard, SO Rhode Island, The Ocean Deep; Amanda Milkovits, The Providence Journal,Bridging the Divide;

Arts / niche columnist: Alex Kuffner, The Providence Journal; Gary Ruff, The Newport Daily News; M.J. Anderson, The Providence Journal; G.T. Cranston, The Independent

Arts review or criticism: Brad Hevenor, The Independent, Channing Gray, The Providence Journal; James Merolla, Newport This Week; Alexandro Castro, Mercury

Arts or entertainment story: John Taraborelli, SO Rhode Island, Real Rap Radio; Casey Nilsson, Rhode Island Monthly, Cinder-Block Stories; Bill Van Siclen, The Providence Journal; The ‘Golden Age’ of the Dutch Masters;Jamie Coelho, Rhode Island Monthly, Kristen Minsky in 'Gal About Town’

Food and dining story: Gail Ciampa, The Providence Journal, Best Brunches; Elyena "Nellie" de Goguel, SO Rhode Island, Ocean to Plate; Staff Rhode Island Monthly, Rhode Island State Food Guide; Mary MacDonald, Providence Business News, Rhody Food: Tasty, but are the portions big enough?

Unique / most unexpected story: Gerry Goldstein, Rhode Island Monthly, The Mystery of Michael Murphy; Jim McGaw, East Bay Newspapers, Privacy eludes Abbey monk — even at 175 feet; Russ Olivo, Woonsocket Call, House of Hassles; Jenna Pelletier, The Providence Journal, Miss Kitty sheds celebrity persona

Sports story: Joe Berkeley, Newport This Week, Peter Shope Takes Laser World Championships; Brian MacPherson, The Providence Journal, Minor-league baseball pay; Kevin McNamara, The Providence Journal, Courage in the Face of Adversity; Brendan McGair, Woonsocket Call, Profile in Courage

Sports feature story: Kevin McNamara, The Providence Journal, On the Rebound; Josh Krueger, The Newport Daily News, Walking the Walk; Larry Kelley, The Westerly Sun, Living for the game; William Geoghegan, South County Life, The Basketball Builder

Sports columnist: Jim Donaldson, The Providence Journal, Brendan McGair, Woonsocket Call; Mark Daniels, The Providence Journal

Headline writing: Providence Monthly Staff; Peter Donahue, The Providence Journal; Janine Weisman, Mercury

Editorial writer: Sheila Mullowney, The Newport Daily News, Randal Edgar, The Providence Journal; Edward Achorn, The Providence Journal; Tom Walsh, Newport This Week


Photographer of the year: Harold Hanka, The Westerly Sun; Kris Craig, The Providence Journal; Ernest A. Brown, The Woonsocket Call; Michael Derr, The Independent

Special section: Newport Life: Top 10 Groundbreakers; Providence Journal: Lighthouse Guide; Newport Daily News: Volvo Ocean Race Round the World; Providence Journal: Guide to Super Bowl XLIX

*There were not enough entries to judge these categories: Community outreach, Community newspaper / daily, Community newspaper / weekly, Best digital presentation, Distinguished journalist, Notable new journalist

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