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Our official statement regarding today's meeting with Gov. Raimondo's staff:

In response to a letter sent by ACCESS/RI, American Civil Liberties Union of Rhode Island, Rhode Island Press Association, New England First Amendment Coalition, and League of Women Voters of Rhode Island to Gov. Gina Raimondo on October 6, members of the Governor’s office staff held a meeting with the organizations today to discuss the administration’s handling of open records requests. The organizations released the following statement about today’s meeting: “We appreciate that the Governor's office brought together high level staff to listen to the concerns and problems that the media and the public have encountered in obtaining access to important public records. “We are encouraged by the dialogue that took place and the pledge to reexamine previous denials of records and to spread the word among state agencies about the importance of transparency. “We are eager to see progress in the coming months that will demonstrate a greater commitment by the Governor to the public's right to know.”

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