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Photo: Paul J. Spetrini

Some of the tearsheets of nominees for the 2016 Rhode Island Press Association Awards Competition, held April 29, 2016 at the Quonset "O" Club in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. 

Editorial Contest Rules

(This page is for the 2017Rhode Island Press Association Editorial Award Competition. Download form by clicking here.)


1. Competition is open only to member organizations of the Rhode Island Press Association in good standing. Employees and regular contributors of member publications are considered staff for the purposes of this contest. Individual entries will not be accepted. Associate members who have created material for a member organization, however, may appeal to that member organization to submit that material on their behalf as part of its overall entries in the contest.

2. Material submitted must have been published between Jan. 1, 2017, and Dec. 31, 2017, either in print or online, EXCEPT in portfolio entries as specified.

3. Publications may enter up to three items per category, unless otherwise indicated in the category descriptions. Each writer, photographer or designer is limited to one entry per category, EXCEPT in photo categories (see rules below). Each entry may be entered in one category only.

4. Each publication is allowed to enter only one multiple-bylined story, which will be awarded to the organization and not the individual members of that organization who contributed to the entry, per category.

5. All Writing, Photography and Design entries will be submitted online at: https://

6. Print publications will be mailed for Distinction categories. Mailed entries should be sent to: RIPA 2017 Editorial Awards, c/o Michael McDermott, The Providence Journal news department; 75 Fountain St., Providence, RI 02902.

7. All publications are judged together by an out-of-state press association. Judges will be directed to award first, second and third place in each category, although they will have discretion to limit the number of finalists if they judge the quality of the category to be weak.

8. In categories that receive a total of either three (3) or four (4) entries, judges will be directed to award only a first-place winner. Categories that do not draw at least three (3) entries will not be judged.

9. In categories with more than (15) entries, judges will be allowed, at their discretion, to award one honorable mention if the quality of the entries merit it. In categories that receive less than fifteen (15) entries, judges will be directed not to award an honorable mention



1. Each photographer is limited to no more than one (1) entry per category.

2. Publications may only submit up to three entries in each photo category.

3. Eligible entrants must be full- or parttime employees, or regular contributors of member publications.

4. Entries must be work created specifically for the member news organization.



The fee is $20 for the first entry from each publication (i.e., individual newspaper flag) and $10 for each subsequent entry. Entry fees may be paid with a credit card online upon entering or with a check, mailed separately.

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